Tuesday, August 10, 2010


What do you like to do with your weekends? Do you relax and take it easy lounging in the garden sipping tea and reading or are you out and about going here and there trying make the most of each minute of daylight?

I have to admit that I am totally smitten with the new fabric collection from Erin McMorris called "Weekends". Being the romantic that I am, the collection makes me think of what I would call the perfect weekend...

... sleeping in in the morning, waking up slowly with breakfast out on the terrace, enjoying even the last sip of tea before the day gets busy, riding my bike out into the countryside while taking in the cool of the shade of the old oak trees that line path, soaking in the beautiful displays of nature all along the way, stumbling onto a beautiful flower field, stopping to fill my basket full of fragrant finds, watching the bumble bees as they fly in and out for their sweet nectar, stopping for a leisurely pause to snack on the perfectly packed picnic lunch, and bringing that little touch of nature home for the guests that will be arriving shortly...

Sigh... What's your perfect weekend?

P.S. Erin's new collection can now be found here!


  1. oooohhh - was für schöne stoffe!!! *seufz* da könnte man ja wieder gnadenlos einkaufen.
    das perfekte wochenende?
    kaffee auf dem balkon, spaziergang mit dem hund und ansonsten nähen, nähen, nähen - na gut, und abends ein leckeres essen und ein glas wein mit dem liebsten. :)

  2. It has been a long time since we have seen a perfect weekend, but I guess this weekend was pretty good because I gave myself permission to absolutely nothing except take care of the children's basic need. No trip, no chores, just hanging out here at the house.


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