Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sniff, sniff...

Summer is the time of year that always seems to be the most going on with us. My husband comes from a farming family, and he inherited the same passion, which often means that we are constantly on the road back and forth between home and work, waiting for the crops to be ripe and the weather to be fine... all at the same time. Time on the road does not allow for much posting... so what does one do in the country other than relaxing and taking it slow?

My mother-in-law is quite the gardener. I like to garden, but do not seem to find the time to take care of all those pesky weeds that haunt me each time I look out the window. This past weekend was spent mostly outside, lounging on a blanket with the little one while Omama (our affectionate name for grandma) worked in the garden, stopping in the afternoon to sip iced coffee and nibble on tasty cake while enjoying the shade under the willow trees... not really much time to sew or create and work was left on the back burner... it seems as if it is always a little bit of a "forced vacation" (at least for me anyways)

After I could lounge no longer, I just had to try to capture a little bit of summer's spectacular blossoms. Afterwards I shared the photos with my mother-in-law and she was quite amazed with the small and fine beauty that one often misses.. but isn't that is why it is good to take the time to "stop and smell the roses"?


  1. Hi, sweet Alison. It has been so long since I stopped by. This time of year always whips me into doing, doing, doing, until I cannot do any more! We had visitors from Norddeutschland last weekend and I thought of you and how your little guy is growing so fast now, I am sure. The summer is racing by -- four more weeks up there in the great north and the first signs of fall will show up. Oh - wanted to remind you that towards the end of the month, throw the carriage in the car and go visit the Dahlia Garden near Volksparkstadium one time -- you won't be sorry you did. It will be an afternoon of slowing down for beautiful flowers.

    I love this post. We are taking a week off -- the first time ever since opening this place (during the season, that is). My old bones need to stop and smell the roses.

    xxooxxoo to you today and always...

  2. Hello Allison, I used to love gardening, but the one I have now, the soil is so bad, need to sort it out and then plant.. Amazing photos :-)

  3. I use to love gardening before I had children. Now, I just don't have time to give the floweres the love and care they need to thrive. What a beautiful garden your mother-in-law has, or was that grandmother.


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