Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bigger is Better

I am finding the need these days to increase the size of my purse... I guess that comes with the territory of being a mom. There is always so much to remember when we go places... favorite toys, drink bottles, blankets, and other "fun" things that just don't fit in the diaper bag. But, I like the fact that my large beach towel, umbrella, jacket, and other miscellaneous things that one needs to take to the gym fit perfectly too.

I decided to use the "Birdie Sling" pattern from Amy Butler and used Anna Maria Horner's fabric "Fortune" from her Good Folks collection, combined with my new favorite fabric from Erin McMorris, Hopscotch.

I guess it is a little unusual for me to call this my new favorite fabric since it is not my usual bright, bold, crazy pattern fabric, but I am finding that these sweet little criss-crosses mix and
match so well with so many other fabrics as a complementary fabric.

The pattern was so easy and I loved the end result that I am now planning purse #2!
Hmmm... so many fabrics, so little time!


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