Thursday, September 9, 2010

For the Tooth Fairy

So, do you remember this?...

I just love "before" and "after" shots, don't you?

...some things do eventually make it off my sewing table and into the finished projects pile... yeah! A really simple project that I had made
a long time ago for my niece as a present and wanted to repeat it for the "little guy"... a teething blanket. I used fabric, of course, from his favorite collection... cut into a small rectangle, with terry cloth on the reverse side, a soft batting on the inside, and the ribbons doubled over in a loop on the edges... stitch, stitch, stitch, and done!

It seems at this age that everything a baby discovers goes immediately in the mouth and no matter how cute, interesting, or fantastic a toy is... little ones always seem to be much more fascinated by the tag on it than anything else.

... and who would have known how timely his present would be ... this week our little man got his first tooth!


  1. thank you for the great idea! i have to sew one for my little son vincent. he also gets his firs tooth!

    sweet greetings from

  2. Well done for making your little son this .. and what timing :-)

    They have been selling these for a long time, I think yours is very cute.

    Thank you for your comment .. Not much culture going on around me in the UK .. well not in my area. I have just been to France for nearly 3 weeks, 5 of those days in Paris seening friends. Went to stay with another lady blogger near a place called Cahors in FRance, a totally different new experience. Way out in the countryside. Lots of photos to sort out, but first have to sort out things in the home.

  3. I so remember that sweet stage. Precious blanket!

  4. He is so cute! Your weekend walk makes me a little longing for Germany. While I did plenty of walking in Italy the last two weeks. There is nothing like the smell of the damp forest air of dirt and pine.

  5. Ahhh! So cute!!! (both your son and the awesome blanket)
    Laura in Ludwigsburg.

    ps- you'll be fine on the flight, no worries. :-)

  6. Nice idea for a blanket!!
    By the way, who discovered the first tooth? If it was you, your husband ows you a nice dress :)
    At least, that's waht my granny told me...


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