Thursday, September 2, 2010

To the Very Last Detail

It seems like when I get on a roll, it's hard to stop... which means I'm still talking about weddings. But hey, doesn't every girl like to talk about that "big day"?!?

On one of my previous posts Jane from S
pain Daily mentioned that the Spaniards are quite tacky when it comes to weddings... well, I'm not sure how the Spaniards do it, but I would imagine that the Americans could hold their own on tacky. There are two "American wedding traditions" that I absolutely loathe and did not want under any circumstances at my own wedding:

Imagine this... the bride and groom standing at their wedding cake, decorated with creamy icing to the very last detail, when as man and wife they cut the cake f
or the first time, as the "happy couple" are feeding each other (sweet so far, but...) they smear the cake all over the other ones face. I've actually seen this get quite messy and a little over the top, and I inwardly brewed that if my husband ever did that to me I would...!?*#!?*# (I'll let you fill in your own blanks)

But the most awful American wedding tradition of them all... decorating the car with shaving cream, toothpaste, or other inappropriate things and tying tin cans to the back of the car... if you are not American you may be shaking your head in disbelief and astonishment (or you may shake you head even if you are) Wikipedia claims that the tradition is a "good-natured hazing" of the newlyweds and other sources say the tradition grew out of the effort to ward of evil spirits... but I put it into the category again of just plain tacky.

But I do so love the way the Germans do it... beautiful elegance, style and class, flowers adorning the hood of the wedding car... something truly fit for the occasion. The perfect touch for the most special day in one's life...

What are some of your favorite wedding traditions, or which ones could you live without?


  1. I, too, was grateful to avoid the cake smearing! I had no idea what to expect regarding our car, but my brother and cousins were deterred by the torrential downpour and only tied one can to our bumper and threw a glow stick on the windshield. It was more of a "what the..?" than anything else, ha!

  2. My husband, to this day, is so appreciative that I didn't smear the cake in his face. We were just talking about it yesterday.

  3. I have no particular tradition that I know of , but if Brits do the tacky tacky things with the cars .

  4. HI, I just found your blog. I too am an American transplant living in Germany. I saw a wedding procession over the weekend. I find flowers on the hood of the car a very lovely touch. Following your blog.


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