Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Sewing

I've been working on a new purse pattern these last days, and have been really pleased with the results. It seems that every fabric that I even glance at for just a moment is telling me to make a purse out of it. I'm just itching to get a big production line going. Without having a physical store to "test" the purses, it is basically blind production without the immediate feedback until we have our big show this summer.

Unfortunately since I am waiting for a big shipment of zippers, I have to put them on hold for now, but I've been having fun with scraps these days. I used up the last of my zippers to whip up a few "scrappy" wallets from leftover fabrics from my
"loop-de-do" scarves.

It feels so good to be sewing again... fall was the busy season for my husband (which basically meant extra, extra baby duty for me), we were gone in November - what you didn't know we were in the U.S.?!?, and December we all took turns being sick. January, was just figuring up from down. But, I guess you could say that I'm back in the saddle again... can you hear the buzz?


  1. This is great! I love those scarves btw, love them love them love them! Have that project on my to-do-oneday list =) Glad you're back in your groove! This is the last week of the semester, so I have a ton of grading to do, but as soon as it's over I'm going to exhale and have time to get back to my 'office' as well =P

  2. Actually, by themselves the pancakes are not very sweet, but it is what you add on them. My husband only really likes his mother's quark pancakes with applesauce. My husband pretty much eats the same thing every morning which is musli mixed into his yogurt. It has to sit over night. Once in while I can get him to eat some eggs with us. His mom arrives in 9 days. I know he is excited and dreaming of all the German food she will make while she is here.

  3. Hello Allison .. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog.. very much appreciated .. Can be very lonely when husbands travel .. mine has only been gone a week now, another week to go , but this is only the first of very many this year .. until November, so a long long year :-( .. Lets hope my Blogging Mojo comes back.. Love the little purse, would be great for my euros when I travel . Take care and have a lovely week.


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