Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas, Apples, & Introductions

Have you already started working on any Christmas presents for this year? I'm proud to say that I've started, and have plans for lots more. Oh, I would so love to say that this Christmas will be a total handmade holiday for me... well, perhaps with the exception of my husband and a few other men in the family. (seriously... what can you make someone who is excited about tractors, wine, a good cigar, and grilling?)

Aside from the new
Lizzy fabrics, the super sweet collection, "Little Apples" from Aneela Hoey, was the other fabric collection that I have been waiting on since last spring to get my hands on. If you think this collection is sweet, wait until you see the new fabrics that she introduced at Fall Market (to be delivered in spring)... blues, pinks, reds, greys... little red riding hood, foxes, flying mushrooms, all in the perfect shade of adorable.

With the fresh mix of reds and turquoises, I knew this would be the perfect fabric for my two nieces. I have another project now in the works, but I thought that I could use a few scraps to whip up this mini bag, found in Amy Butler's Style Stitches book. Really easy to sew, and don't all little girls love such bags to put their treasured what-nots in?

So, has your sewing machine started to hum
before the holidays, or do you need a little last minute pressure to get things going?


  1. Good Morning Allison! I really miss working on something for Christmas at the moment. I love to give away handmade things but we are in the middle of renovating our flat and I really can't work in a chaos...so just a few handmade presents this year and lots of ideas that will have to wait for next year! I really like your bags for the girls! Have a lovely day, Simone

  2. Hi Allison. I'd love to sew things for Christmas, but my old sewing machine can't take it anymore. I need to buy new one. No sewing for me at the moment. What kind of sewing machine do you use?
    bwy: I love Pips by Aneela Hoey!

  3. Sadly, my sewing machine is out of commission right now since I have to do so much editing/school work, BUT I have started making Christmas presents, so that's good!

  4. Simone, I understand how you feel about working in chaos. My sewing rooms is far from spotless, but when the piles grow too high I have to put it back into order before I can work.

    ...at least renovations are another kind of fun creativity.

    Kristina, I love, love, love my Bernina sewing machine. I noticed a huge difference in my sewing once I switched. My old one was good, but the new one was so much better. Yeah, Aneela Pips collection was super adorable.

    Jules, yeah, but I know you're busy with other things than fabric, oder?

    Kelleyn, so do you think this collection might convince you to do a little sewing?

  5. Yes, I'm making some non-fabric Christmas presents right now (gasp!), but there are some fabric ones slated to be cranked out when my work desk turns back into my sewing table. =)

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