Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just to Say "Thank You"

So how is it with you... do you find that when you get on a "kick" that it's hard to get off? Sometimes for me when inspiration hits, it often comes from the same place and I have to work an idea completely through until I've gotten it out of my system. As you might have noticed from my last two posts, I've been working a lot with fabric scraps these days. Recently while wasting a little bit of time on Pinterest, I found a sweet little project combining paper and fabric that inspired me for my latest "I should be doing something else instead" project.

I don't know about you, but when I buy something online and it shows up in a pretty packaging, or with that special added touch, it makes me feel like I'm not just another random person whose only purpose is to make the company's bank account a little fatter... but that my business might actually be appreciated.

I've been adding little "thank you" cards to orders that I send out for quite a while now, but I've had a lot of fun working on this non-sewing way to say "danke"... just my little extra to make an order feel less like an order and more like a present.

What, did you really think that I could put the Anna Maria LouLouThi fabrics down for long? I have to say that this one is my favorite... somehow the fun color combination and the intrigue of seeing just a small little snippet of this fabric makes this one for me kinda special.

What do you do with your fabric scraps? Do you like to combine fabric with other mediums?


  1. Your little cards are adorable - what a wonderful idea to say "danke" - and the fabric is sooo nice. ( you just gave me the idea to do my christmas cards in a similar way...) Have a nice day!!

  2. ich find die kärtchen klasse! wunderschöne kleine dinger!
    und ja, ich find es immer toll, stoff auch mit anderen medien zu benutzen. wäre doch viel zu schade, es nicht zu tun!

    liebe grüße, doro K.

  3. Die Karten sind total toll.


  4. loving your scrap busting, mixed media projects! I think we on the same wavelength, lol. Just you wait... ;-)

  5. I love your little reels of thread - great idea!

  6. these are so adorable... i always appreciate such kind of extra-goodness!



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