Thursday, December 1, 2011

Craft It Forward Countdown

Just in case you have forgotten about this, let me just send out a quick little reminder, and hope that you will pass it along too. It seems as though I often tend to be quite revealing about myself, including many of my bad habits and shortcomings... so what's one more thing to admit? Here it is... I'm a procrastinator. Yep, and I am very aware of this tendency about myself. Somehow, it's like I need the pressure of a deadline to get me going. At university, I always waited until the last minute to finish most of my assignments, and I have to say that some of my best writing was always done right before a due date.

So I knew when I "signed my name on the dotted line" for Craft it Forward, that it would not happen until the very end of the year. But I have to say that I'm pretty proud that I have sent out all but one of my handmade items before Christmas. (come on, give me a break... I signed up for this on Facebook AND my blog... twice the work!) So, now there is only one month left until we bring in 2012... yeah, hard to believe, huh?

Have you sent out all your Craft it Forward gifts? Do you have a link to share about one of the items you sent or one of the items you received?... please share!


  1. We are the same person; I did everything at the last minute in college, too -and never got a bad grade on a paper. =)

    I've received some goodies which I've posted about (yours included!) and mine are 90% complete; I just need to come up with a packaging solution for the mail... So fun!

  2. oh!
    right - 1st dec today. time is running.
    well, i've sent 2 presents and still have 3 to go. i have enough ideas but NOT TIME. that's very dissapointing. but i have decided that i'll finish the craft-it-forward-project in time. so keep an eye on the postman! ;)

  3. I sent my gifts out weeks within the challenge. I knew I would never get it done if I didn't do I right away. I am the same way with Christmas. I have all my homemade gifts finished now I just need to deliver.


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