Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scrap Love Links

So, I thought I would wrap up my fabric scrap theme with a few "put your scraps to good use" links. If you don't have the patience to sew a million little quilting squares together, perhaps you could find a little inspiration here:

1. Gathered Clutches, are the perfect gift giving idea 2. Whimsical Key Chains from Living with Punks would be great as a gift tag to add an extra something special to simple gift wrapping.

3. Turn those fabric scraps into a decorative accent to perk up any corner in your home with trendy garland. 4. "A little birdie told me"... as found from the inspirational magazine Molly Makes.

5. Paper bags using fabric scraps as a cute closure, just right to fill with special treats for any occasion, from Scissor Variations.

6. From needle cases to zippered bags, notebook covers to scissors cases, covered tape measure to handmade cards, a cup and a catch up will leave you with a whole lotta scrap inspiration.

7. Sweet and fun from the birds and the bees to quirky little critters than one finds just below the knees from Pop-i-cok.

Do you have any fun fabric scrap links that you care to share? Or just leave a link from a recent blog posts showing one of your own "scrap love" projects... I would love to see what is inspiring you these days.


  1. You've already shared my scrap project =) and I'm loving these links since I have more to work with!

  2. Could I please buy some "time" anywhere? Your links are so inspiring and I would like to try all of them. Thanks for finding and sharing them with us and have a nice day, Simone

  3. Jules, I look forward to seeing some of the follow-up projects!

    Simone, just think of how rich one could be by selling time? If I could sell time, I'm not sure if I would actually sell it or keep it for myself... hmmmm.

  4. Wow, great links! Thanx so much for sharing.

  5. I love these! Thanks for sharing and Myriam for sending me here :)

    Best from Seattle, zill.y (a German in the US)

  6. Every little picture a great idea. Thank you.


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