Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

hugs and merry wishes
yumminess shared
spicy apple cake savored in the dim candlelight
candles glowing, crackling, and dancing
the story where it all began
songs of rejoicing
smiles and laughter from loved ones millions of miles away brought to us through the wonders of modern technology
the joyful anticipation of discovering new things packed in bright paper
dinner by candlelight with my two favorite "boys"
nice wine in a nice glass
melodic tunes bringing back those special childhood memories
snuggly pajamas
snuggle time with the little guy
snuggle time with the big guy
deep sleep

taking it slow
five star breakfast
lazy day

ahhhh... Christmas!


  1. ahhh, yes. I may pop if I see another platzchen, lol! =) I'm currently snuggled under a fuzzy blue wrap by the Christmas tree and about to crack open a gift: a new Bonhoeffer biography! Happy restful holidays to you!


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