Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It would seem as if I have been having a hard time transitioning into the New Year. It is as if I almost skipped the Christmas season and all of its creative possibilities and now am searching for a springboard into 2012. Things had been moving especially slow since being repeatedly under the weather put me so behind on all my holiday preparations, and now I have been trying to recover from the whirlwind of ending the year.

My family and friends have been the center point of the last weeks, which leaves me somewhat at a loss for words. Not that the moments have not been wonderful enough to share, but perhaps I wanted to savor them, save them for myself, and enjoy them without the pressure of writing about how wonderful those small, but meaningful moments have been.

I've been way to busy to think about lists, goals, or contemplative and reflective moments about the previous year... but there is, thank goodness, no time limit on when these things must be done. So for now, just a simple hello coming your way.

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