Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Burlap Love

You know that when things get quiet around here it is because I am doing things. Of course the hope is that the quiet precedes the giant flood of here's this thing I made, or just a little something I whipped up there, or oh, ah, look what one can do with.... But the not so romantic side of the real world is that sometimes things like inventory and major web system overhauls hold precedence over creating. Hmpfh! So since I have more unfinished projects on my desk than one could imagine, how about if I share what I would like to be doing if I weren't doing boring computer work.

I've always had a certain fascination with burlap. Somehow even though it can be a little rough and scratchy to the touch, it has always held a certain charm to me with a rustic simplicity that I find really appealing. Come on now... this stuff isn't just for feed sacks anymore.

1. What a great idea to print on burlap... oh, wow! What can one do with that?!? 2. This "Love" banner would be just perfect gift with Valentine's day just around the corner. 3. Sweet handmade gift tags just to say thank you are a great edition to any gift. 4. Burlap bird ornaments can be used in so many places.

1. Let's not forget about the home with this awesome DIY headboard. 2. Burlap corkboard is simple and classic. 3. For that special party or wedding event, burlap can also add a romantic touch. 4. A simple band, simple flowers, and a simple candle is a super table decoration, perfect for all year round.

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