Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blend Fabrics

When I heard that Anna Griffin was launching a new company at the last Quilt Market, I just had to sit up. Anna Griffin has been known in the fabric industry for quite some time, but even longer in the wedding industry. This lady has her hands in quite a few pots, and it makes sense that she would also have her hand in a company that embraces well known artists and designers from around the world. Her co-founder, Joe Spiegelberg, brings just as much experience to the company having also founded Maude Asbury, a luxury gift company that carries everything from photo albums, picture frames, and magnet boards.

So I guess it would go without saying that I am really excited to add three new collections from this newly launched company called Blend... yes, that's right three! When I say excited, I really mean it.

The first collection is from Sarah Watts, illustrator/pattern designer, who describes her work as "quirky-southern-gothic-victorian". As interesting of a description as it might sound, Sarah's fabric collection "Feather n Stitch" will not disappoint.

Keep your eyes open for other new collections from Blend, found here.

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  1. Hi Allison,

    just a quick word to say I am thrilled to have discovered your on-line shop. I can't believe I can actually order Amy Butler's fabrics in Germany! And Anna Maria Horner! There is so little choice of fabric in our corner of the world (Jena). Thank you internet, thank you Allison!


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