Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Buttoned-Up Pillow

It's no secret that I have a weakness for buttons. I love to add that extra little detail to a project that says I remembered everything... even the very smallest part. So in tribute to my passion for the pint-sized notion, my teeny little friends get to steal the show... and this time in XL size! It's been oh, too long since I've worked on a freezer paper applique project, and once I had started, I remembered why I swoon about the technique so much.

Another low volume fabric project was at the top of my list (and trust me, there will be more to follow!) Right now I am still "crushing" on the AGF Studio "Makers" fabrics... these fabrics are just so brilliant, and with that being said, one favorite deserves another with color accents of Basic Grey grunge.

I thought it would be fun to add an embroidered thread detail so the buttons would look like they had actually been sewn on.

... and I finished the back with two of my favorite Anna Maria Horner prints with a simple envelope closure. week I'll share a full tutorial on how I made this pillow, including the button template!

... and when I said that I really adore buttons... it was no exaggeration. I even gave these sweet, little accents thier very own board on Pinterest. What about you... any weaknesses for any other fun notions? 

Low volume fabrics in Germany from the "Makers" series can be found here.


  1. Very nice! I don't know how you manage all the sewing that you do, but I suppose the boys are in preschool by now.

  2. Well, Kelleyn, I ask myself the same thing sometimes. Both boys are in preschool now, and a lot of my sewing is done at night. Time will be freed up to do more once we have the fabric shop shut down... I can't wait!

  3. The buttons are just too cute, what a beautiful pillow!

  4. This is adorable! The embroidered detail is such a perfect touch! While I'm not typically a button-obsessed person (don't get me wrong--buttons are cool), I definitely am excited for your tutorial. I think my sister in law would LOVE a pillow like this!


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