Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Buttoned-Up" Tutorial & Video

I figured that it was time that I share another tutorial, so as promised, here is the step-by-step tutorial for my "Buttoned-Up" pillow that I shared last week (scroll down for my video of these first steps!):

Download the "Buttoned-Up" template here making sure to print out to actual size. Finished button should measure ca. 7 3/4 inch (ca. 19.5cm) in width. Trace onto freezer paper and cut (4) templates. Cut out the inner circles as well. Place the shiny/slick side of the freezer paper on the wrong side of the fabric and lightly iron onto fabric. Cut around the template approximately 1/4 inch (ca. 1 cm) from the edge of the template.

For the center circles cut small slits towards edge of the small circle being careful not to cut into the freezer paper. For this I actually cut 6 slits that ended up looking like little flowers in the center of the circle.

For the outer edge of the circle, cut slits toward the temple approximately every 1/2 - 3/4 inch, also being careful to not cut into the freezer paper.

Using a glue stick, run a small stripe of glue to cover the inner edge of the small circles. 

I usually use a pair of pointed scissors as a turning tool as I secure the fabric to the back of the freezer paper template. You can of course use your fingers or another tool that you are most comfortable with.

Repeat the same steps on the outer edge of the button template, gluing the fabric inward on the template.

Here's a video that I did to show the whole process in action:

For the background of the pillow I sewed 4 - 11 x 11 inch (ca. 28 x 28) squares together and ironed seams open. Position the (4) buttons in each individual square one inch from the seam as shown. (Quilting will come later, I realized only after the fact that I didn't have an unquilted photo to show the button placement)

Stitch buttons in place as close to the edge as possible using invisible thread. You can use either a straight stitch or a blind stitch. I have an Bernina Activia 240 and use setting #43 when finishing with this option.

Once the buttons have been stitched in place, flip your pillow over to the backside and cut out the inner circle approximately 1/4 inch (ca. 1 cm) from the stitch line. Also cut around the inner circles of the button.

Using a damp cloth, slightly moisten the stitch lines. It's important to not over soak the piece.

At this point you can gently begin to remove the freezer paper from the backside. Also remove the freezer paper from around the inner circles.

Quilt as desired and add decorative stitches as desired. For my finished pillow I quilted the upper left and lower right squares vertically, and the upper right and lower left horizontally. Once finished quilting, trim to ca. 20 x 20 (ca. 50 x 50) square. I actually trim to the actual size of my pillow and do not include a seam allowance. This makes the finished pillow very full and fluffy since the stuffing looses volume after some use. Additionally, I finished the pillow back with G700 interfacing (German product equivalent to SF-101) and simple envelope closure.

Have fun sewing!

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