Thursday, April 9, 2015

Keep Your Bags Packed

I've never been a beach girl... sweating in the hot sun, sand in the most uncomfortable place in your bathing suit, sticky from all the sun block lotion, forced to just lay and relax with nothing to do... it's almost pure torture for me, not to mention there's no outlet to plug in a sewing machine! (yes, give me crafting instead of a book ANY day!)

Even though I can't always get to my sewing machine, I still very much enjoy hand sewing projects that can be transported from place to place... the couch, done while driving in the car, on vacations, and yes, even at the beach! And since I joined a local club that hosts a bi-weekly crafting group, it is necessary to have a good little number of those fun little hand stitching projects already packed up... crafting on the go!

Despite my need to craft on the go, ironically I'm not a needle turn applique girl and the thought of English paper piecing is just as unpleasant as sitting on the beach! (see above) But I always have my little crafting basket packed up, ready and waiting with those backburner projects that you have in the works for quite a while, like sweet and small applique butterflies...

...peeling the paper off the back of your paper pieced blocks...

....stacks of freezer paper hexies...

So, is it pretty obvious that I'm so totally crushing like a love-struck school girl on the new Alison Glass fabrics?!? With a fun little stack of strips like this, you can take them anywhere, pet them, lay them out in pretty rainbows, and put them back again to google them later.

All these WIP'S aren't quite ready for their time in the limelight just yet, as they will still be on the back burner for a bit... but linking up anyway to WIP Wednesday


  1. I have been thinking I need to have a travel project for when I am away from my sewing machine. You seem to have a few great ones! It will be fun to see them make it to prime time.

  2. What a fun post with lots of little teaser photos! Your little butterflies are delightful - are you needle turning them? Where did you find the pattern or did you draw it? I've not seen epp done using freezer paper before. I do love the wonderful saturated colours of these fabrics too.

  3. Quilt Musings, one easy take with you project that I have with me all the time is for my fabric gift tags (found here It's easy to prepare ahead of time and small, a great scrap buster, and you end up with some nice personalized gift tags afterwards for presents and such.
    Karen, I'm not sure that I would touch a needle turning project with a ten foot pole! The butterflies are just a simple applique with a raw finish. It is actually the "Little Butterflies" pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts (!/Little-Butterflies/p/43623394/category=11175204) They take on a whole different look with brighter, modern fabrics.
    The hexies are just standard FP and gluing, and not EPP. While I love what people do with EPP, it tests my patience a little too much and it feels like repair sewing and not fun sewing to me ; )


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