Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Set the Mark 2016

Since sewing and quilting is a hobby for me, I've actually approached it as something without boundaries and deadlines... you know, just letting it happen. I'm not exactly an organized mouse... in fact, I fall under the chaotic creative category. One cannot imagine how hard those of us who fall into this category have to work to bring structure and planning into things.... but even with that being said, I recognize the benefits of a plan, which is why I've decided to join the 2016 Finish-A-Long. It made it easier for me to divide things into quarterly goals and then yearly/ongoing goals.

Quarterly Goals:

1. Last year I joined A Quilty Circle of Bees, a new quilting bee with other German speaking members. For this month, Daniella picked blocks for an Amsterdam quilt, inspired by this version. Knowing that if I don't start on a project immediately, I run the risk of procrastinating and missing my deadline all together, I have made it my Bi-Monthly Goal to finish the blocks as soon as they are announced. This one can already be checked off this quarter's check list!

2. If you've been around a while, then you might have seen bits of my mini mini craze... well, I have just one more to make, and it's long overdue. Tracy made these two beautiful mini's for me, and her story behind them is so beautiful and touching. I ran into a few snags while working on hers, but now that that the holidays are over, this is top of the list!

3. My Modern Beauty table runner is one of my "basket projects",  which is meant to fall under the slow stitching category, but I'm in the home stretch of finishing the orange peel appliques, and just need to connect it and quilt it.

 4. With my Farm Girl Vintage quilt, I'm just a sashing and border away from being ready to quilt. I have contemplated waiting to quilt a couple of projects all at once, but I suppose one thing at a time might be a smarter choice.

Yearly/Ongoing Goals:

1. When I started my Facing East quilt, I never considered it realistic to finish in a year. I actually wanted to start small with just a few blocks to test paper piecing to even see if I liked it... well, needless to say, 22 blocks later, I think it is sufficient to say, that I am smitten with the technique. A pieced top, including inner circles, is my end of year goal. This one will probably go to a longarmer.

2. My Alison Glass Butterflies project is another "basket project", which I started with no real plans in mind. It got shifted to the backburner because I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish it, but it's coming back out again this year!

3. This one goes back a bit. I have one side finished, and then I ran into unbelievable design issues with the second side. Needless to say, it's time for a Super Tote finish!

4. A new project that I am calling "Penny's Quilt" is an idea that was inspired by my Scrappy Windmills quilt post. Right now, I have a few sneak peeks on my Instagram feed, but I want to knock out a few other things before I do a full introduction and explanation of my concept.

5. Santa was kind to me this year with the well known and highly praised EQ7 quilt design software. There's a lot to learn, so this is an ongoing learning by doing goal that I hope to have mastered by the end of the year. 

I'm sure that there will be plenty of other things to work their way onto this list, but having this in black and white is a pretty good motivation for me to make things happen.

Have you linked up of a Finish-A-Long before? Did it motivate you to finish those UFO's, or where you distracted to work on other projects? 

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  1. Lovely projects and sensible goals -- that should allow time for spontaneity along the way!

  2. I may fall into the same category when it comes to creating. I learned early on that I would have to do more planning before jumping into a project. And now I love the whole process. However, I am a finisher. Promised myself that one when I started quilting so I have not been one to link up with a Finish-A-Long. Looks like you are on the right track. You certainly have many lovely projects on the go. I can see how it can be a distraction. Each are so pretty and calling you in so many different directions. Now you've got that EQ7 added into the mix. It's a really fun program, but takes a little while to get to know your way around. You are going to have an amazing year!

  3. What pretty flowers! And good goals--good luck finishing them up!

  4. Super projects, Allison...I love that table runner so much!!! I have participated in the Finish-along the last 2 years, skipping the last 2 quarters of last year, just because I knew I couldn't commit to any particular finishes. I am very aware of the quarterly "deadlines" and am quite motivated to make realistic goals and finishes because of them. I don't simply list every thing that is incomplete and hope to finish some.I am going to start again fresh this year! See you there :)

  5. Happy New Year! You seem to be very organized, Allison! I think I should take note. ; ) Lots of very pretty projects - have fun with them! Congratulation on the new software! You are going to love it! Hugs, Karen

  6. Ooooooh, how beautiful are these flowers!!! And four of them! Thanks you so much, Allison!!
    Having goals is always a good thing, they keep me focused and it's so good to strike things off your list!

  7. Your flowers look great! I can't believe how fast your were :) Still haven't even picked fabrics - well you know me, more the last minute person over here - but I 'll put changing that in my goals.

    Your tablerunner looks amazing. I am tempted to try that pattern mayself oneday.

  8. The tulips are so fun and very pretty. Good luck with with all your goals this year.

  9. Happy New Year! Wishing you a fabulous 2016!

  10. You seem to be very organized and set good goals for the new year! I should think about setting some goals for me and my sewing projects too :-) A Finish-Along seems to be a good idea so that one doesn't get lost with all the unfinished projects...

  11. How hard were the Amsterdam blocks? I have that one on my list to make-so adorable & looks like it shouldn't be too hard...I hope! ;) Your blocks look great!

  12. What lovely projects! I especially love the flowers for the Amsterdam quilt :) Thanks so much for linking up with the Finish-A-Long! I hope it gives some motivation to finishing things off :)


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