Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Worth the Wait (and a quilt top finish!)

Since living in Germany, I've learned to get used to... waiting.

The average worker here usually has about six weeks of vacation, which sounds so strange to the standard two weeks of vacation, three if you're lucky, American ears. If you call a company and need to have a certain person take care of an issue, but they might be on vacation for the next two weeks... what do you do if you need the answer now?... wait.

Grocery stores are closed here on Sundays, like they used be if you are old enough to remember the "good 'ol days" in the States. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Monday here, or even worse on all three, then you might have to do some serious planning to have everything needed for a recipe, or... just wait.

(raspberry kiss block for a secret project, tutorial found here)
So, perhaps it wouldn't be any surprise what I have learned to live with over the years when it comes to quilting supplies. When I looked at several of the projects on my list, it hit me that many of them were either stopped because I had to wait on supplies, or were started because I had to put that project on hold because I was waiting... hmmppff!

Now that I have my list of things to work on for the 2016 Finish-A-Long, I am more than motivated and have actually made a good amount of progress on a couple of them including finishing my Farm Girl Vintage quilt top, but now I have to... yup, you guessed it... wait. I shouldn't even tell you how long I have had to wait for the batting, because it's almost shameful, but it is what it is.

But since they say that good things come to those who wait, I'll just have to sit on that for right now while I... wait.

How are you FAL projects coming? Do you have any projects on hold because you are waiting for supplies, or do you purchase all supplies before you start on a qult?

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  1. It must be very frustrating to have to wait for the batting. But in the mean time, you are stitching up some beautiful tops! I love your version of the Farm Girl Vintage, Allison. The fabrics are so yummy!

  2. Waiting can be frustrating when your creating. For my part, I make do with what I have. I modify the color selection, I tear apart an old piece of clothing to recuperate the fabric, I use an old bed sheet as batting...
    As for your Farm Girl, I love how restful it looks. I think it's because of the creamy yellow border. I also like your polka dot stripes. They add texture without interfering with the blocks. :-)

  3. This is so cute and it will be even cuter once it is finished!

  4. The Farm Girl top is charming -- hope the batting comes soon.

  5. Interesting take on the 6 week vacation and the consequences of it. Does the same wait take place if you have, say, a plumbing problem? Your Farm Girl quilt is wonderfully cheerful.

  6. That yellow border is a brave choice but I think its PERFECT. Hope you have some other fun projects to keep you busy until the batting arrives!

  7. Lovely to see you FGV quilt on a large screen. It's wonderful! I certainly wouldn't be happy with waiting so long ...... luckily I have 4 very good shops within an hour of me so if my local one is out of stock I can still usually get something within a couple of days.

  8. I hate to wait for sewing supplies but we are lucky and have quite a good shop here in Munich so I usually don't have to order and wait for the postman :-) But I really had to laugh when I read your post - it is so true concerning the difficulties with closed shops during holidays. On the other hand - I love the six weeks of vacation here in Germany :-)

  9. Waiting for fabric is hard in New Zealand too. If coming from the USA - i can be anywhere from 7-30 days.
    Most shops are open 7 days a week here, except for Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
    We get 4 weeks paid annual leave as well as public holidays.

  10. Maybe you need to open a shop and lead by example - you would clean up! Love the kiss blocks which you have linked to #scraptastictuesday - thanks! And the FGV too of course.

  11. Your Farm Girl quilt is gorgeous. Waiting isn't unusual in my sewing room either since I don't live close to any quilt shops. Hope you can get back to it soon.

  12. Oh, I hate to wait but we all do have to wait sometimes. Your projects are beautiful!


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