Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From Quilting to Cardigans

Do you remember when you first learned to sew? There are handfuls of people out there that a big part of their life story began with creating at a young age... and I am no exception to that rule. I cannot say that I remember when I first started sewing, although I imagine it was around seven or eight, but I do know that clothing was one of the first things that I learned how to sew.

Just because I started out sewing garments, does not mean that I enjoyed it. Almost after every clothing piece that I completed, I was always frustrated because it either didn't look right once I tried it on, or it simply didn't fit and needed adjustments way beyond my sewing abilities. So, I started sewing other things... until recently.

Generally I am pleased with the way my Julia Cardigan turned out, although I have to admit that I had that same sinking feeling when I finished and first tried it on. The sleeves were way too big and there was extra material on the sides, so of course my first thought was... "Note To Self: THIS is the very reason why you don't sew clothing!" It ended up that I did have to make several adjustments, but at least I can live with the end result.

One fun new discovery on this project was using a twin needle. Since I've not sewn with jersey before, I never needed one.  I stupidly didn't buy enough fabric to make the doubled over/no hem version (eeekkk!! grumble, grumble), but I stumbled on this alternative solution, and love the look of the finished hem. Nancy's Notions has a great how to tutorial here.

Even with all the clothing items that I whipped up way back then, I never made anything with Jersey. And despite what your feelings are about pre-washing or not pre-washing fabrics, with my quilting fabrics, it's just a no go with me. So, needless to say, two big "firsts" with me on this one.

Do you have any garment sewing love/hate stories to share?

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  1. Your cardigan looks fabulous on you, Allison! I love the colour. I have only a minimal amount of garment sewing experience. Made a quilted jacket for myself and then had to make one for my mom.

  2. This looks great - well done! I love twin needles ... I had a phase of sewing jersey fabric in NZ and I loved how they turned out. I made lots of leggings for the girls but haven't done any in years now.

  3. I love your cardigan. I need a few new cardigans and this pattern is on my every growing list. Lovely job!

  4. Beautiful cardigan! Looks great on you!


  5. Pretty! I have the same relationship you have with sewing clothes. I always feel they don't seem to fit quite right. I love the long sleeves!

  6. I think your cardigan turned out really great. The seam with the twin needle looks so perfect!

  7. Love the colour - I always stress about making clothes - my measurements are a mix of all sizes according to the pattern, so I am never sure whether things will fit or not. Good on you for starting again.

  8. I usually get the itch to sew clothing in the summer time, probably because of all the 4-H sewing I did when I was a kid. I know what you mean about feeling disappointed with the finished product. I think your cardigan turned out cute! Way to go sewing with knits!


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