Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Color Options Part III - The Optional Version

My Jeweled Kaleidoscope pattern, to be released this week, October 12th, comes also with the option to be made without the center circle appliques. I shared my pillow that I had made with a simple graduated color palette, but I wanted to share a few layout variations that could also be used for larger quilts.... and the amazing thing is that the change in design all comes from simple color placements.

For this first layout, I'm still stuck on these soothing cool colors using Basic Grey grunges mixed with some of my favorite printed fabrics. 

... for this next layout, I wanted to have a little more negative space to show off the pinwheels. For the free motion quilter, so much negative space can be a dream.

Here is another graduated layout, but without the center circle appliques it takes on a completely different look. The accent is now on the strong navy contrasting petals.

Even though I don't really work with solids, I appreciate the heavy punch that they pack. And this layout in shades of purples, greys, and navys is no exception

For this quilt, there is a secondary graduation colorway. Firstly the graduation of the purple tones, and secondly with the movement fromgrey to blue tones. The navy accent petals bring even more contrast.

So, there's only one question let, have you decided how you want to make your Jeweled Kaleidoscope quilt?

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  1. Wow, you have been dreaming up quite some combinations!

  2. These are stunning!!!! The first is my favorite. But then I really like medallion style with the purples, too

  3. I just love that you share how different that pattern can look based on color choices. It's a "multi-pattern"! :) Many quilts in one. Great job!

  4. Hi Allison,

    My favorite is the first version, which is so different to what I have seen before.
    So, today is the day. I am excited to see you releasing the pattern.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Congratulations Allison! The quilt is fabulous and your various takes on it are brilliant.

  6. Very pretty. I love the blues and greens!

  7. It's such a versatile pattern! I love the different variants and I can see it can yield even more, you must have been having fun coloring them)))


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