Friday, October 7, 2016

Jeweled Kaleidoscope Color Options Part II

I really love what my pattern testers have come up with so far for my Jeweled Kaleidoscope pattern, and several have not only explored various color palettes, but also design variations. My first pattern tester, Mareike, really pushed the limits in exploring the kaleidoscope possibilies of this pattern. Read her blog post about finding the kaleidoscope structures in a soft color palette. I wanted to explore additional options with the same layout... and of course with lots of color!

Somehow I have really been drawn to the cool color palette, but also wanted to think about how this might translate into a warm color palette.

I've seen so many projects using a simple grey and citron colorway, and this combination shows what a nice compliement the two colors are to each other.

Even though I really had to work hard to build my purple stash, it really is a favorite color of mine. I couldn't resist using these Alison Glass fabrics combined with stash must-haves Zen Chic greys.

Another one of my pattern testers had the idea to put the blocks on point. Elina has a good feel for both color and design, and I love the well thought out little detailed accents that she included in her pillow. Here again, exploring with cool colors using my favorite Basic Grey grunges.

... and the same concept of the design on point, but with a few fabric placement changes. I love this strong, yet soothing blue background.

So, does this bring back memories as a child, looking through a kaleidoscope and being fascinatied about the endless designs that danced before your eyes? Well, it doesn't end here either... more to come next week as well as the official release on October 12th!


  1. Nice variations. It is amazing how different the the pattern can look.

  2. The very first picture is Hands down my favourite arrangement I have seen of your pattern. It just screams 'make me into a pillow cover'!

  3. Oh wow, this really honors me. I like the purple-orange version you created. It really looks like a kaleidoscope and brings back child memories. Your pattern has so many opportunities to be turned into a beautiful quilt design.

    Best Mareike

  4. oh, man! those are clever! Elina's pillow is gorgeous!!

  5. These are all wonderful interpretations of your pattern, Allison! All those versions would make a great quilt all together!

  6. Well, you could probably have guessed that I love the grey and citron option ?!

  7. What fun! I love the blocks an awful lot! They do bring back childhood memories!


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