Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Prism Quilt Finish & Q3 Goals

Despite the fact that my Prism bee quilt was already on my Finish-Along list for this quarter, I've actually had it in my head that I needed to get this one done before I start with another "queen bee" project. It just so happens that this meets that just-in-the-nick-of time deadline for both... it is my turn again already in July/August with my Summer Smoothie Block and the FAL quarter ends in June! Talk about killing two birds with one stone?!?

It all started with a jeweled color palette inspiration that I just coulnd't get out of my head... you may remember my Jeweled Kaleidoscope quilt and this improv project? While I was waiting for my busy bee members to finish thier blocks, other quilts just "skipped line". When you pack away a project for too long, then there is a real danger that something else moves up on the to-do list.

This quilt really only really started to make sense to me when I started grouping the diamonds together by color... it was quite a challenge since I hadn't planned it this way, otherwise I would have given my bee members different instructions. Once I had re-arranged, there were a couple of blocks that had to move to the back, but I really like the single "flower" shape that came of it. I kept it simple and did straight line quilting echoing some of the lines within the design.

Quilt: Pattern: Prism from Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic (free quilt pattern)
Started: June 2016

Fabrics: various prints in jewel colors, low volume fabrics
Finished quilt size: ca. 62" x 62" in. (ca. 160  x 160 cm)

 Thank you @blockmquilts @iloveneutrals @machenundtun @mellmeyer @qvilted @venivedivicky for all your lovely blocks that went into making this quilt!

Since I only have just one finish from my FAL list, pretty much everything goes back on the list. Hey, better one finish than none, right? 

AMH Quilt – basted, partially quilted, but I took the stitches out. My second quilting attempt wasn't a hit either, so I will most likely invite my good friend, Mr. Seam Ripper, to the party, and hope that the third time is the charm. These were my very first quilting blocks, and needless to say it makes straight line quilting a little difficult.

My third quilt pattern top is FINISHED, which I’m pretty excited about since it was my pre-packed, take-it-with-you basket project. The back is partially pieced, and this has moved up to a top spot on my priority list.

My fourth quilt pattern top is ALMOST finished... just two side borders for a flimsy finish. This is another high on the list project as well as pattern writing. I consider it an accomplishment since I only started it last quarter, and the quilt is pretty heavy on applique.

Green Smoothie, Penny Sampler, Orange/Purple HalfSquare Triangle, and my Orphan Block quilts are back on the list just to have them on the list, but with two big deadlines, the reality is that they are low on the priority list.

Just for fun, I am putting my two summer projects on the list… my Chuck Nohara blocks, and my Summer Smoothie bee blocks quilt on the list. Like my Penny Sampler quilt, these are a no pressure, no deadline projects for me.

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  1. The quilt has turned out beautifully. I love the way the quilting accents the prisms. I'm very eager to see how the other projects will progress.

  2. Dear Allison,

    I love your new quilt. The geometric pattern and the color choice are matching my taste. Not to colorful and in cold tones: perfect.
    The back is also awesome. Can't tell which side I like most. I would turn this quilt around and around. Every second day the other side :-)
    Greetings Mareike

  3. I love this one. LOVE it!!! (like - I might actually consider oh - I can barely say it - I might actually consider {hushed whisper} paper piecing. sigh)

  4. Wow! The prism quilt looks great! As does your design wall!

  5. What a great bee quilt Allison! Colon a wonderful quilt finish!

  6. This is gorgeous! I love the colours and your quilting is just beautiful. On behalf of the global FAL hosts, thank you so much for playing along with us this quarter!

  7. Wunder-wunderschön, mit einer fantastischen Farbwahl.
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Beautiful, Allison! I love the single color diamond emphasis. And the colors you chose are just so cool and lovely. Great job!

  9. You do such beautiful work, Allison. Every time I hop over to your blog, I am awed. Congratulations on a spectacular quilt!!!

  10. Your Prism quilt is quite lovely! I hope to make this pattern someday, but you know how it goes-- so many quilts, not enough time. Good luck with your next quarter's goals. =)

  11. I reaaaally looove your layout of the prism quilt. Can't say that enough :)

    And looking forward to your third pattern. It's on my list, so sending kicks for finishing it and the pattern writing lol
    xo Melanie


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