Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quilting Broccoli

While digging for fabrics for a project recently, I ended up stumbling onto a whole stack of leftover linen triangles from a pillow that I had made for my husband. Then the idea hit me that I could use them with the leftover scraps from my Modern Improv paper piecing pillow to make another coordinating pillow for my parents... but I wanted this one to just happen.

Am I the only who does this?: As I sat down to finish my husband's pillow I was quite perplexed because I didn't have enough triangles to finish all the blocks... so, what did I do? Cut some more... of course. You cannot imagine how annoyed I was with myself to find out later that I actually had cut them (like I thought), but they had fallen behind my sewing machine where I didn't see them.

I suppose if they come to good use in the end, then it doesn't matter how they get there, right?

I first started out with a random color layout, but found it to be a little chaotic. When I grouped the colors and organized them a bit, it seemed to have a better flow. There have actually been several projects where it felt like I had just hit a roadblock, until I reworked the color organization.

I also let the shapes within the pillow dictate how I did the quilting by first following them, and then simply echoing the quilting in various widths.

As I've said with just about every improv project that I've ever done, it's an uncomfortable stretch for me, and I'm still left asking myself if I will ever warm up to it. I guess it's a little like eating broccoli... it's ok to try it every once in a while to see if you still don't like it.

What's your "quilting broccoli" that you have to keep coming back to, just to see if you still don't like it?

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  1. When I was growing up I did not like to eat cooked vegetables. But now I like most of them. However, improv quilting is my brussel sprouts. Your scraps turned into a lovely pillow. I like the way you grouped the colours and the quilting is such a compliment to the design!

  2. What fun pillows you have made! I wish I had more time to just play in my sewing room! I like trying new ideas in my quilting projects.

  3. I think the pillow turned out perfect! Good call on the color flow. I cannot confirm nor deny if I have ever cut pieces twice!! My quilting broccoli is zipper pouches! I try and try, yet I don't really enjoy it!

  4. I figured this was going to be for your parents! Nicely done! And you already know what my quilting broccoli is ;-)
    (I actually really like broccoli. What I still don't like, even though I try them again every few years, is beets. taste like dirt to me....)

  5. Hi Allison,

    My brokkoli is epp. Once in a while I see a nice picture of an epp-project and think to myself, I should give it a try. But soon I realize that it's still no fun to me.
    Nethertheless, your pillow turned out wonderful. One can't see the struggling during process.

    Best wishes Mareike

  6. EPP is my broccoli. I find it boring so very quickly (though I love broccoli and most veg really). But improv is my party food, I love it!

  7. I like broccoli! So if improv is your broccoli, I shouldn't be surprised by how much I enjoy your improv :) I'm also a strong believer in ROYGBIV: everything is better in rainbow order.

  8. Fun! I love letting things just happen.

  9. Your work is exquisite - improv or not. The quilting is just perfect. Love the pillows. Oven roasted broccoli with olive oil+garlic and drizzled with lemon juice just before serving is actually very tasty.

  10. Love the pillow: Design, quilting...!

    Mhh, I like broccoli but in this case... guess... wait... mhh, darn you guessed right - applique :)


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