Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Christmas In July

It dawned on me recently that the Christmas holiday seasons were so full, that I finished two projects that I never had a chance to share. Just when the weather is starting to warm up and one is thinking about cook outs, shorts, and swimming pools, and I'm talking about Christmas... talk about a way to make your ice melt in that perfectly chilled beverage?!? So, how about a little "where's waldo" search with me, then you might stumble onto a few background decorations that don't exactly fit in the hot weather months.

Last winter I had asked my youngest son what his favorite animal was? "A Bieber, Mama" (that's beaver in German) Well, I knew exactly where I needed to go for the perfect pattern... Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts, of course. I've been linking up with her Let's Bee Social for quite a while now, but this is the first time that I've sewn any of her super cute, but equally well done patterns.

The orginal pattern, found here, is with a Canadian Leaf in the body area, but I adjusted the pattern without the leaf on the body. I picked colors to match his room, and made a couple matching pillowcases. If you've not tried the burrito method of making pillowcases, let me just say that I highly recommend it - super easy, and fully finished inside and out.

I decided on a simple wavy line quilting, and always love how easy it is, not to mention that it gives a little more interest than straight line quilting. I love my walking foot and I don't have to focus like I do with free motion quilting, so the fact that I don't have to abandon it is a big plus for me.

So, perhaps it goes without saying that I will be linking up this week for Let's Bee Social

P.S. I've been having problems with my emails, and I have not been able to answer emails for the past week. I've not forgotten... I can recieve them, but just not answer them.


  1. Aw, that's such a sweet little pillow! I'm sure your son must love it :)

  2. Well, why did you point it out. I would have never seen the C... decorations. Too focused on the lovely beaver :)

  3. Cute pillow. I'll have to try the burrito method one day.


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