Wednesday, October 11, 2017

All Work And No Play

I've been so consumed with pattern writing these last weeks, that it feels like there's hardly any time to sew... well, at least not on things that I can share. Since my Lovebirds' Garden is an almost 30 page pattern, perhaps it might make sense why I've been so caught up... that's a lot of T's to cross, and I's to dot!?! With that being said, it's actually been nice for me to sit back, relax, and have others doing my work for me... what do I mean? Well, the blocks from my busy bee members have started coming in for my Summer Smoothie quilt. (tutorial for the block construction found here)

I've added a few new blocks of my own, first in cool colors, and with Melanie's #30minssewingdaily #octsewingchallenge on Instagram it's been a good motivation to get a few more cut and ready to go. I have decided to save stitching them together until the end of the month at our patchwork group fall retreat. 

I think I am just as excited about some of the new low volume fabrics that I've added to the mix as I am the block itself... library cards, fun text lettering...

... and a new favortie of mine, this cursive writing from Bee in My Bonnet, from Lori Holt. Her new Bee Backgrounds line is just simply fantastic.

I still have several blocks to go for a finish, and as usual, I'll find out what size it is when it all gets together. I'm actually thinking something on the small side... well, at least for me anyway. I had first thought to finish the on point sashing with something pieced, but have decided to go with just a simple low volume instead. Hmmm... there's a little figuring to do.

So, I hit the "send" button this week to get my Lovebirds' Garden pattern to my testers, and then I get to sit back again and watch them do all the work. (wink, wink) ... after that a short breather because, all work and no play, makes this girl a dull quilter.


  1. These blocks are so fun! I love your color palette and I love all of the different low volume backgrounds that you've used. :)

  2. Wonderful blocks! I love all the differnet neutrals too, adds so much interest.

  3. What a fun quilt this will be! I want to try that block. I hope I remember when I finally land in Texas after visiting my east coast friends and family! Think I'll pin it, that might help!

  4. Hihi, I will wait on that finished size statement until later - I know you, you just might decide to pick ten more blocks just because you love playing with color combinations and fabric choices :)


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