Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Making Of A Remake

I have a quilt in the works that I've been comtemplating how to put the blocks together... perhaps a simple sashing? or maybe something more complicated? what about out of the ordinary? Long story short, (enjoy it... it doesn't happen to me very often) I'm actually taking one of the top choice layouts that I had planned for it and using it for a Lovebirds' remake instead... but with a BIG twist!

... a simple layout with LOTS of HST's...

... mixed with unexpected color combinations, AND, wait for it...

... grey. Yes, you heard right, grey!?! (my "non-color" color that I very rarely use)

Do you have a hard time too with thinking outside the box that leaves can be another color other than green? Hmmm... perhaps like pinks and purples?!?

 ... and of course, there has to be a spot for fussy cut pomegranates

I'm looking forward to seeing how much I'll be able to put together at our fall retreat this weekend... is a finished quilt top too unrealistic of a goal? Well, maybe, but you gotta start somewhere.


  1. Das gefällt mir schon jetzt sehr gut!

  2. First, one quilt top is very realistic. I am contemplating piecing the top (from finished blocks) for two quilts, sew blocks for a babyquilt and well five improv bee blocks plus a wallet... you get the picture :)

    Second: Leaves can be every color and I am glad to see you using grey again xo

    Looking forward to the retreat - even trying some of your "infamous" starch applique xo

  3. Having seen you work, I think you could pull it off Allison. I have nothing preped. At least not fabric wise. But I have printed templates and made sketches. As always I will just rock up with a plan in mind and get to it on the day.

  4. Looks pretty interesting! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!


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