Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall Retreat Happenings

Wheh - what a busy, exciting, and whirlwind of a week it's been - yesterday was the last day of our fall quilting retreat! If you've never been to a sewing retreat or quilting group then let me pass on to you two Murphy's Laws that always apply: #1. You always pack more projects than you can possibly accomplish in that amount of time, and #2. You never get as much done as you think you can.

This year I hosted the retreat with me just South of Bremen... and one of the major advantages of living in the country is that there is space. Since we were a smaller group it allowed for a very personal and whole group interaction. It's amazing how quickly one seems to connect with like-minded people, even though it might be a first time meeting. #quiltyfriendsarethebest, right?

Meal times were full of light-hearted chatter and meaningful conversations, and the rest of the day was a buzz of busy sewing machines...

@elbquilts gets the patience award for the weekend for working with my little guy. He stopped by and joined us for a bit... just look at this block that he helped her with! He was "allowed to drive" and for some reason he decided that these were called these "table blocks".

When you are the hostess, it's hard to think of everything, and for me that was taking pictures... so even though I didn't get around with my camera at all, I love that @puppilalla got a shot of my sewing chaos space.

In addition to finishing a few final summer smoothie blocks, I was able to add several more applique shapes to my Lovebirds' Remix project. So far it's coming together just as I've imagined it.

Never ending rows of HST's, sometimes makes it feel like there's not much getting accomplished, but I'd say this is progress nonetheless.

... and last but not least, a few purple applique leaves.

Perhaps Murphy's Law #3 for sewing retreats is that everyone NEEDS chocolate!... just look at these great favors that @mellmeyer made for us. I really love some of the creative outside locations that everyone discovered for great photos...Check out Iva's cookie cutter blocks, Katrin's round robin blocks, Friederike's tall tales blocks, Susan's ocean waves blocks, and Yara's double wedding block with self dyed fabrics. Hmmm... I might have to use a few of those spots for future picture ideas.

Even though we only said goodbye just yesterday, I'm already looking forward to seeing all my newly added quilty friends next year!... so, with that being said... it's well earned couch time for me now.


  1. I have re-adaptation problems. After the wonderful extended weekend had with all of you I find it difficult to adapt back into my work routine this wet and grey Wednesday in Berlin. It was fabulous to get to see this project live and in colour and in progress. It is going to be great! Enjoy the much earned couch time (if your boys let you =)

  2. Your purple/lavender quilt is so lovely - just love the way it's turning out. Looks like the retreat was set up very nice. Great looking food. And I like the way the machines are in a sewing circle.

  3. Thanks for hosting us and all the small and big things that you organized and decorated!

    Love the colors of your second lovebird project and this many hsts may count as three or more blocks with another pattern. So definitely progress :)

  4. Next year I'll join you :-) So sorry that I couldn't make it this year - it seems you had a wonderful and very productive time!


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