Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christmas Snowbird Stocking

If you stopped by today because you know that Wednesdays are my regular posting days, then perhaps I should let you in on a little something you might have missed yesterday...  the release of my Christmas Snowbird applique template  - now available in my Payhip shop!

My original plan was to release a stocking pattern including the applique templates, but since there are already so many great free tutorials out there (like this one), I decided to simply offer the applique templates, and let you come up with your own plan. Yesterday I shared a few inspiration ideas for possible projects, but today I get to share my own finished Christmas Snowbird project...

I think that perhaps free motion swirl quilting is making its way into the "signature style" category with me, but I love the ease of the movement while quilting. I used Auriful 2326 on a dark espresso Essex linen because I love the contrast and that the quilting shows off more than my standard - quilting takes the back burner style.

I've had this Cori Dantini fabric for a while, just waiting for the right project to come along... does that happen to you too? You have a fabric that's been in your stash for a while, and all of a sudden a project that you work on lets you know that there simply IS no other fabric than "this one" for the finish?

I'm really excited to see projects popping up here and there with the Christmas Snowbirds... what does your holiday sewing to-do list look like this season?


  1. So cute. The stocking and the bird. Now I feel like I should start thinking about Christmas decorations. =)

  2. Oh Allison,
    dein Vögelchen ist so allerliebst!!!

    1. Danke, Elke... I've always loved sweet little birds.

  3. Your snowbird is the perfect accent on a Christmas stocking! I agree that the cuff fabric is The One :)

  4. The house fabric is really cute! And isn't the stocking looking dashing in your living room?!


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