Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fly, Fly Away

I've always enjoyed mixing a variety of mediums... especially when one of them is fabric. I was recently inspired to re-visit a previous project of mine, and make another wool felt applique project. With using freezer paper as a template, it's an absolute dream - no marking, no slipping templates, just cut.

Since I've been working so much on pattern writing, I needed a project that I could simply retire to the couch with instead. I find that if I work too long at the computer, it's hard to then jump onto the sewing machine, so ... writing patterns by day, crafting by night is the plan.

What I love about working with felt is that you can layer the shapes with fabric. For me, this gives the project so much more depth, and I love adding all those pretty little unexpected details and accents with favorite fabrics.

It's interesting that when I work on a project, I usually have a very specific and very definite colorway that should be used. Somehow these days, a little touch of grey has been slipping into the mix, and I don't know how it happened? I love to work with a cool color palette, and grey (in a small accent form) is a nice contrast.

Any colors that "sneaked" their way into your projects that you weren't exactly expecting?


  1. Dear Allison,
    I love your mixed medai style with felt. Even though it's grey, it still looks like you made it.
    My most surprising color choice was salmon. This was so unusual for me.
    Best Mareike

  2. This is so pretty! I don't think I've ever seen quilting cotton layered behind felt like that before. It looks a bit like stained glass, or those cookies with a dollop of jam in the center.

  3. Your fountain of ideas seems inexhaustible--and each project is beautiful in a new way! Wonder what this will become: a quilt, a pillow, a wall hanging? At any rate stunning.
    As to colors sneaking in: brown recently made an appearance in a project.

  4. Three favorite Designers in one project :)


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