Wednesday, January 30, 2019

What's Missing In New York?

Perhaps its happened to you too...

You're on a mission. The goal is set. Your determination is firm... stay. on. course. And like an unexpected, glittery flea market on the side of the road, there is something that just beckons you to pull over, and have a look.

Finishing up Whirly Girl, is top of my list right now, hmmm... but she is with pattern testers at the moment. Get the next pattern together for a Nadelwelt release, hmmm... but that's in May. So, I suppose that one could argue that there's always time for a detour... stop and smell the roses, right?

Have you ever wondered what's been missing in New York? (well, at least with the New York Beauty block) I think I figured it out... applique!?! Or perhaps just like chocolate, applique just makes everything better.

And speaking of chocolate, short and sweet this week allows me to stay a bit longer on my pit stop.

How is it with you, are you on course, or have you stopped for a short detour?


  1. Oh, that is just the ticket! Beautiful work & fab ideas!

  2. Wowwwwwwwww I love the color choices. I love how you chose Grunge. What a very pretty effect!
    Happy Thursday (Donnerstag) Allison

  3. So far I am still on tour. No new projects started. Yet, I might add - my fingers are tickling and itching... a lot. So we will see :)

    PS: Fun colors and amazing tiny circles!

  4. Oh, I agree! That applique certainly adds something special.


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