Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Whirly Girl Intro!

Have you ever had to take the backseat to let someone else shine? Let them demand all the glory and attention of the center stage? Whirly Girl was actually intended to be my third pattern release, but in order to work on my Lovebirds' Garden pattern, allowing enough time for testers, she had to graciously step aside. Then a small window opened up only to have Home Sweet Home quietly tiptoe right past her... yet again!?!

... but now she has dusted herself off and is ready for the limelight! 

Perhaps you might even recognize her from behind?

Do you remember me mentioning going through my "purple phase"?... well, if we are giving credit where credit is due, then Whrily Girl most likely takes the blame for starting that trend.

Whirly Girl will be my first pattern without applique!?! I know, hard to believe, but I decided that I had to make up for it some way... so she is my first pattern sporting partial (or inset seams) Once you realize how easy partial seams are, you'll think that someone should feel guilty for having given them a bad rap.

Be looking to hear more about her in the weeks to come. Right now she is in good hands with my pattern testers now, but you don't have to wait much longer to have her in yours... Whirly Girl is scheduled for a March 14th release! If you just can't wait to see more, then be sure to check out what my pattern testers are up to on Instagram #whirlygirlquilt.

Quilt: Pattern: Whirly Girl, Campbell Soup Diary - scheduled March 14th, 2019 release
Started: October 2016
Fabrics: Alison Glass, Anna Maria Horner, Carolyn Friedlander, Cotton & Steel, various other designers.
Finished quilt size: ca. 60" x 75" in. (ca. 152  x 190 cm)


  1. Hallo Allison!
    Welch Farbenrausch im kalten Winter. So einen schönen Quilt mit den tollen Stoffen von Anna Maria und Carolyn. Besonders die grafischen Stoffe von Carolyn in Kombination mit den farblich starken Stoffen von Anna Maria finde ich immer wieder wunderschön. Eine Wohltat für das Auge.
    Ganz herzliche Grüße, die Bildersammlerin!

  2. Super cute. ...and I thought I was sick of pinwheels. This is very sweet and the fabrics are perfect

  3. Well, she probably knew that it was better to wait and then get her big time in the spotlight instead of being squashed in :)

    Though I am glad she is finally out and I get ahead with testing. It is so fun to see all the different versions popping up on IG.


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