Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ready, Set, Cut

I'm back! What?... didn't you notice that I was gone? This year we were blessed to be able to visit my family again in the US. Usually a few months before we travel home I notice that I feel like my emotional tank is almost on empty. Expat living can have it's challenges, and while I generally do I ok for most of the year in Germany, I find that I REALLY need time that I can just be me... effortlessly. without thinking. in my own language. in familiar surroundings. with people who are just as familiar as my own face.

With three airplanes, that are sandwiched in between two long drives, it might be easy to see why our travels are planned for such a long time. While I deeply savor the down time, and sliding back into the "just being me" role, I notice that shortly after jet lag is a passing memory, that my fingers start to itch.

During the summer I was able to get together with my aunt for a little "shop talk". I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her explain that she has the same "need" to create - it just has to come out! (insert image of me nodding my head vigorously in agreement during the whole conversation, while taking pleasure in knowing that I am not the only one who feels this way)

But what's a girl who has itching fingers, but no sewing machine supposed to do? Well, when her mini iron breaks, and applique blocks are no longer an option... then she buys fabric at half price, and cuts it up! 

I generally don't cut for a whole project at one time, but this one happens to fit that case. Next July I will attend a class with Victoria Findlay Wolfe. It might sound a little over the top to be preparing for it so far in advance, but since cutting fabric was just about the only thing I could do during summer break, I just had to go with it... not to mention that I pretty much have my sewing/pattern writing/teaching calendar planned through next summer!?!

So, make sure you get a good look at this project because you won't see it again until next summer. I have to say that I'm glad that I was able to get everything cut for this quilt, so I don't have to stress about prepping in the middle of an already busy schedule... when the time roles around for the class, I can just sit down and sew. Hmmm...


  1. I find it interesting that your circular design looks like a flower/tree when stacked together... maybe another idea to explore :)
    And those scissors blocks - whatever they are <3

  2. Welcome Home! We’ve had expat friends all our life, so I have a slight idea what it feels like! It’s not for me, that’s for sure! Love the fabrics for your cottage clover quilt!

  3. this is excellent and the result will be very pretty.
    I am so happy you had a time to come home to see your family. It is a treasured time for you, I know. To touch and hug your loved ones. And just talk "american english" I know what that is -- I experienced that so much as a teenager going to Holland every summer to see Oma and Opa and all of my friends, then going to Switzerland and seeing my Aunt and Uncle and my pals there, and speaking SwissGerman and regular German and it was so fun and easy. I am very happy you had a good trip. It was so hot here, but then summer is hot everywhere
    Enjoy your activities


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