Sunday, August 4, 2019

Link-Up #summerstackfridays Complimentary

Sometimes when I pull a stack of fabrics together, and take a second look to re-examine it, I realize that I've pulled a complimentary color scheme without actually intending to. If you have studied color theory at any length, then you know that the complimentary colors are: blue and orange, red and green, and purple and yellow.

Because complimentary colors are directly opposite from each other on the color wheel, they create the strongest contrast. When you work with pure color combos, the combination can be pretty intense. For me, a purple and yellow combo can leave you thinking of easter eggs and candy, and make you wish that you had brought your sunglasses along.

The best way to tame such loud explosions of color, is to play around with the colors' clarity, intensity, and value. When you are adding grey or black to a color, it tends to go a little muddy, which is exactly what has happened to some of these gold/ochre colors in this fabric pull. Once the color darkens, it starts to brown, which is why these colors would technically still be in the "yellow family".The red-violet colors are also a little muddy, which gives the overall fabric pull a less intense feel for a complimentary color combination. I can lighten the value of the color to add a little contrast.

This pretty floral print was my inspriation fabric for this week's fabric pull, and was really my starting point. Like some of the other fabric pulls that I've shared already, I played off of some of the existing colors in the inspiration fabric.

If I decide to eventually turn this stack into an actual project, I might consider adding a few of the reddish hues, but right now I am liking the restrait of essentailly a two-color palette.

So, let's get started - anyone can link up their fabric stack, even if you are coming late to the party. Be sure mention that you are linking up with Campbell Soup Diary for #summerstacksundays. You can also link up from Instagram. The link-up runs from July 5th - August 30th.

Please take the time to visit/comment/like the posts from others who are linking up and be sure to look through the comments. If you happen to be struggling with your fabric stack, then just say so in the comments, so the rest of us can stop by and maybe help you out... sometimes a fresh eye can see something that might have been missed.  

If you are following the weekly themes, next week I'll be sharing a "Soft Summer" stack... which will everyone might inturpret differently. See you then!

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  1. Snap... I've just been playing with a purpley-gold bundle too! Thanks for the ideas, I'll look around now for other fabrics that add in different values. Love your inspiration print, do you know the name please?


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