Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Fly High, Dragonfly

Last week, I shared a very emotional post on Instagram. Essentially putting into words a mixture of trying to sort out my feelings about the current events that are happening in the world, and finding the balance of moving forward in the midst of the storm. 

Since the planned release date for my Fly High Dragonfly quilt was perfectly positioned in the eye of the storm, I found myself asking the questions... how do I just carry on as if nothing has happened?... what does one do in the midst of a crisis? Retreat to our caves? make lemonade out of lemons? turn our focus to the good and simple things of life? search for the things that distract us from reality?...

AND let me tell you... I was totally overwhelmed and touched by the responses that I got!?! Such encouragement for moving forward with the pattern release in spite of the current situation. That beauty and inspiration is actually what helps us cope... that  a sense of normalcy settles fears... that creativity is an outlet that brings joy...

When I make a quilt, I find that what comes out is often a reflection of what’s in my heart at the time. And usually when I reflect back and do a little digging, I find that what I’ve created matches what I had been processing in that season of my life. With that thought in mind, I decided to find out more about this amazingly beautiful and fascinating creature…the dragonfly.

In almost every part of the world, the dragonfly symbolizes change & new beginning, living life to the fullest, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. They are also often associated with courage, strength, hope, and happiness. All things that are so fitting and needed for this time in all of our lives.

Since so many had shared that a semblance of normalcy, opportunities to be creative, and busy hands help with processing, dealing with, and coping with what is going on right now, I decided to move forward with releasing my Fly High dragonfly pattern. As with all my new releases, I will offer a 20% discount, with the SALE CODE: dragonfly. Sale ends the day after Easter, April, 13, 2020.

If you decide to purchase my pattern at this time, my desire is that with each stitch, perhaps this pattern reaches you in those ways. I hope that no one misunderstands that by releasing my pattern that I am simply going about business as usual, but that it is more of an attempt to be a part of helping others find the joy and therapy in being creative.


  1. I feel you, and am in support of your pattern release. These are unprecedented times for many of us, and that battle of how do I continue vs. but I must continue for my own sanity and mental health is prevalent. Beautiful pattern, and I wish you all the best, always. We're hunkering down with the shelter in place mandate beginning tomorrow here in Maine, and I can only hope that those who need help can get it, and that everyone can find a little bit of joy despite the hardship. <3

  2. Looking at your beautiful dragonfly quilt, gives me hope for another Spring, and peace & happiness. Well wishes and my desire for you to be well and keep your creative juices going! Regards, Annette from Spanish Fork, Utah

  3. Your dragon fly is the cutest ever.
    Allison, all of your designs are adorrrrrable

  4. How nice to see those sunny, happy dragonfly pictures at these times. And I hope your pattern gives a lot of people the break so regroup, find joy and peace again. Stay well xo Melanie


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