Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Walk


Kae Lani said...

aww! I miss Germany so much! Wo waren Sie wandern?

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Simply beautiful!

Allison said...

Hi Kae Lani,

Wir konnen uns duzen, oder? We took a family "wandern" tour close to my husband's home town near Bremen and then further out in the country. We went to a special spot in Heiligenberg... there is a Forsthaus there with beautiful grounds and just over the hill is a water mill where you can also have coffee and cake. It was such a pleasant family day for us.

Where did you live in Germany? Where are you now?

Schöne Grüße aus Hamburg!

Theresa said...

How lovely!
Do you still want to do corner view? We are updating the list to people who are participating. Please let me know either way. Thanks so much.

Kae Lani said...

Allison! You're living in Hamburg?! I studied in Heidelberg but I spent January in Hamburg with a friend of mine who is now my boyfriend! I will be going back to Hamburg to spend New Years with him and his family, and then back to my New Jersey home to work a little bit to pay off my loans.

At this time Jan, my Hamburger boyfriend, is studying in Flensburg and he will soon be doing an internship here in the states. So the plan is when he is done with his internship, I go back to Hamburg with him and have a happy Nordisch life.

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