Monday, May 18, 2009

The Cutting Room Floor

For months now my husband and I have had picture frames stored in the basement just waiting for pictures to be put in them. The hallway that goes upstairs is longing to have a little artwork on them. I know this because there are nails already in place where pictures once were. So this weekend we have been sorting through pictures trying to decide what photos would bring the boring white hallway to life. We had thought about photos from our honeymoon or perhaps a more neutral palette with greens and whites. Since my husband insisted that the hallway just had to have color, I felt that it would be sad to not give a small tribute to those photos that made it to the cutting room floor...


  1. honeymoon photos are great but I guess you can display them in the living room...? I like the green& white theme...beautiful..
    enjoy your week

  2. Love those fotos!
    Thankfully you decided to give them a small tribute.
    Hope you let us know which fotos made it to the hallway.

  3. Allison, these ones are allready great. Especially like the second one from the top.
    Now I´m curious what you have hung in the hallway. ;)
    See you on Wednesday for the Corner View. I always like your little stories about life in Germany....looking forward to what will you tell us about coffee.

  4. these ended up on the floor? now i want to see what made it up on the wall! gorgeous!


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