Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Project Month" Finale

I realize that April is over and that "Project Month" should be too, but I have one last post to complete my series. Several months ago my husband and I stopped at a roadside flea market on the way to visit his parents and found some really comfy vintage chairs... and of course I couldn't resist a good reupholstering project.

First I removed the padded seats from the chair base. Since I wanted to add a little extra comfort to the chairs I purchased additional fleece and cut it slightly larger than the chair seat.

I layered the padding between the existing chair seat and the fabric I had chosen for my project, making sure that the pattern was lined up correctly.

When reupholstering, it is important to first start with a securing tack on one side and then make a tack on the opposite side, keeping the fabric tight. Continue with a few staples on the first side and then a few on the opposite side, working your way out. This keeps the fabric from being pulled too much on one side and keeps the pattern of the fabric even.

My particular chair seat is curved at the edges and I needed to gradually ease the fabric around the curves.

Additionally at the front of the chair I had to staple a notch in the corner.

When I finished, I simply trimmed the excess fabric.

Dining room chairs are a great "beginners" project and it is so much fun to see neglected treasures transform into something fantastic. If you are a little unsure of yourself, just step out and do it. Search a local thrift store or a flea market, and find a "bargain" chair to experiment on. It really is amazing how updated fabrics can add pizazz to vintage finds. My highest suggestion would be to make sure that you choose a good stapler... it saves a lot of time and headaches.

My husband pointed out to me that in this case, since the chairs were such a deal, that the fabric cost almost as much as the chairs... and that is all four of them. I just love a great find.

Oh... and for all you vintage savy people out there... here were the markings on the chairs... any ideas where I might be able to find four matching chairs?


  1. Lovely work. I also like your fabric choice.

  2. Guess what? I adore this project! Might be because you didn't sew to achieve a result :-).
    The chairs look lovely with this fabric - perfect match to your dining room!

  3. looks great, guess you have to go to the flea market but I will let you know when I see them


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