Monday, March 29, 2010

First Time Around

This week, a thousand thoughts have come to mind of things that I would like to post about... the baby, new fabrics, projects I'm dreaming up, flowers blooming in the garden, springtime, and a whole bunch of randomness enough to fill pages. BUT... as a new mother, I am finding out that getting showered by 2:00 in the afternoon, doing a load of laundry, and cutting just a few orders with a two week old is already quite an ambitious plan for the day. How do you convince your brain that between the feedings and the diaperings (and sometimes an occasional nap for yourself) that you simply cannot do much more?... at least not yet. In fact, to be quite honest... it has actually taken me several days just to do this quick update.

But for our little Ben-Jacob, this has been a busy week for him too... he got his belly button, went on his first walk, first shopping trip, first time meeting both sets of grandparents, and let's not forget his first bath!

Slowly, little by little, I am starting to feel like I am able to accomplish more each day... but be patient with me, it could take a while. This too, is after all my first time around.


  1. Hi Allison
    First congratulations with your beautiful son...He looks so pretty :-) Do you remember I came to Verden last year and bought some fabrics?? A lot has happened since then..but it always taks some time and now I am working very hard on my own shop

    Enjoy the precious time and kind regards to your husband

    Liebe Grusse helen

  2. Hi Allison, your little son looks beautiful.

    One day at a time, we are not superwomen! Some may think so and try to do everything and end up sooo stressed.

    It is OK NOT to do everything, I like the bit about occasional nap.. when your son is sleeping, it is OK to nap and you should be doing.

    You will get there, and we will be patient :-)

  3. He is beautiful! It gets easier with each day. I think the first month is just a blur and before you know it they are 6 months old, so drink him in every minute.

  4. Take your time, it will not be easy. But I think you will manage. The baby is so beautiful!

  5. Sounds like you are doing great! You have to be realistic, and be patient with yourself. Everything will come as it is meant to. What an adorable baby!

  6. Hi Allison
    a big congratulations! He looks just adorable!
    Don't worry about doing lots, you already are, taking care of a newborn! Take it easy and enjoy....

    Laura in Ludwigsburg

  7. Ihr habt ein sehr hübsches und vor allem ein sehr freundliches Baby! Er lächelt ja schon in die Kamera :o)
    Lg. Beate


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