Monday, March 8, 2010

unsere kleine Schnecke

You may remember the baby quilt that I posted about here... well, actually as Astrid pointed out, technically it is a "blanket" and not a "quilt" since I didn't actually do any top quilting stitches. But for a girl who likes to "get it done" and get it done fast without all of the details holding me back, in my mind, it has enough time consuming squares to qualify.

I decided to stay neutral with the colors so I could easily use it with a boy or a girl (since we still don't know), and I thought that it might be nice to have something for the baby to wear that matched. So...

I would say that yellow would be perfect for whoever comes, and I simply repeated a few of the designs that I had used for the baby "softie book".

One of the pet names that one often hears in Germany is "meine kleine Schnecke" (my little snail). I am inwardly amused that the pet names one hears in Germany often involve an animal... things like "my mouse", " my rabbit", "my dirty sparrow". While often American pet names have to do with things you eat... things like "sugar", "honey", "cookie", "sweetheart", etc.

So, the "baby cookie" will get one more matching t-shirt from "mommy", but still the question...


or BLUE???....

....maybe we'll find out this week (fingers crossed) since our due date is Friday!


  1. This is so exciting! And it must be even more exciting for you :)
    I love your designs, they are really cute. Makes me wish I had a little baby cookie I could make these things for ;)

  2. I've witnessed 3 German babies born right on their due date recently. I had to giggle about German punctuality, ha ha =)

    Now, I wonder if your's will be pünktlich as well? =)

  3. Uuups, I hope it is positiv that you mentioned my frolic comment;0)
    I really love your shirts, so cute!
    All the best for you and the birth and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you only have to wait until friday and not longer.

  4. Nadelmaus, of course I took it as positive... good eye! Unfortunately, I do not have the proper attachment to do the top quilting, and I didn't trust myself to do it with just a regular needle.

    Wir drücken auch ganz fest die Daumen!

  5. The t-shirts are so cute, lovely designs.

    Cannot wait to find out. All the best and take care !

  6. Nice work ! My color is blue, so I say : blue ;)

  7. Ich drücke dir die Daumen für deine kleine Schnecke =) Ich bin - obwohl ich hier immer nur ganz still und heimlich mitlese - doch wirklich gespannt nd wünsche euch nur das Beste!
    Ein niedlicher Kosename ist wie ich finde auch "mein kleiner Frosch" ("my little frog" - for all your english readers *s*).
    Ich schicke euch ganz liebe Grüße und warte gespannt!

  8. Sorry, it has taken me so long to answer you back to the comment on my cake. My lovely children infected my computer with a virus, so I was forced to take a break. Anway, actually for once my husband did not scrape the frosting off this cake. It was a cream cheese frosting with pecans. I have never had Rouladen any other way then with Spaetzle and I am surprised after all the time you have lived in Germany that you still haven't tried these noodles yet. My husbands family is from the Eastern side from the region of Tueringen ? spelling and it is late. Anyway, but I have eaten these noodles in Stuttgart and other areas of the southern part of Germany. I find it funny how Germans call babies Bub? spelling once again. Sorry, but it sounds like Boobs to me. My husbands has always called our children frazel or not so nice Nervensagen, buy the last one he uses rarely.

  9. I think you should do blue. It can be a boy color or a girl color. But if you do yellow that would be great too!


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