Monday, March 1, 2010

März Kind

So I guess March is a special month for me. I have celebrated 36 birthdays in this month and will celebrate the birthday of a "new life"... just before my 37th! I would have to say that I have always been a "März Kind" (March child)... the beginning of spring makes me feel so alive, green has always been my favorite color, bulb flowers seem to bring a bigger smile to my face than any other seasons, and moderate temperatures are when I feel the most comfortable... I just love the transition time from gray to green.

So for the first day of my favorite month, I thought I would share the second from the series of postcards that I had picked up last year. For some reason, I only picked up the spring cards... hmmm. I just love this image of the courting "daffodil gentleman" perhaps requesting the company of the soft, elegant, and delicate lady.

Yesterday the snow had melted from the ground and we saw our green lawn for the first time in months. I cannot begin to describe the thrill of anticipation that went through me as I gazed over the green blanket... I know it is just a mater of time before bursts of color break through the once frozen ground... I am ready for you, March... more than you know.


  1. I hear you I love life, green grass and budding plants. My daughter is a March Child too!Happy March!

  2. The gangly daffodil suitor! What a whimsical thought.

    March child, I'm so glad you find the cloche to be timeless. How about in Deutschland? Does the cloche cut through German's fashion ropes this season?

  3. love that postcard! everything about it reminds me of a snowy spring I once witnessed up in Cuxhaven - flowers pushing through the pretty!
    How special that you'll share your birthday month =)

  4. Just a thought, but since you and I are on the same page maybe you should consider a vintage cloche for your birthday?;-)

  5. I like spring time too! Though somehow spring seems to be hiding from us here in the south. Love the post card too!


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