Monday, April 19, 2010

A Boy and His Tractor - Part II

Once I had finally made it through the "morning sickness" phase with our little one, my thoughts immediately turned to how I would decorate the baby's room. I found the task quite difficult because I wanted something pretty, feminine, and flowery should it be a girl OR as you may have guessed... tractors should it be a boy, instead of gender neutral yellows and greens. But since we didn't know what we were having I couldn't start until our "bundle of joy" showed up...

So, I guess I've had my eye on one particular fabric collection for quite some time, "Oh, Boy" by David Walker... so super for boys! (and trust me, sometimes cute things for boys are hard to find) So I purchased just about every fabric in the collection after we got home from the hospital.

.... and boy did my sewing machine start to hum... thanks to my Mom!
I love this bright orange fabric as curtains. I can really see the "personality" of the room starting to come together.

In addition to the thousands of outfits that my Mom brought with her, she also brought these adorable knobs that I had ordered in the States with tractors and fire trucks and everything that is "boy". Don't you think they really spruce up our diaper changing table?

I never thought that decorating a boy's room could be so much fun! I can't seem to keep up with all the ideas that I have to create... what a dilemma!


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  2. I love it! It is so bright and cheery. It is going to be wonderful in the winter to look at such happy prints.


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