Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American as Apple Pie

So, I guess we have this saying that when something is "typically American" that it is "as American as baseball and apple pie". Supposedly it is when Queen Victoria of England in 1890 asked her baker to make her an "American apple pie" that the saying stuck. Later on it was turned into an advertising jingle.

... whether that is true, I suppose I will never know, but my husband just scored major points for bringing a little "America" home. This week's trip to Fegro (Like Metro for those living in Germany, or like Sam's for those living in the States) he discovered a little corner of "American" products... things I've been missing since I moved here. It almost felt like Christmas time when he unpacked everything.

Campbell's Soup! Mmmmm, mmmm, good! (Does the name sound a little familiar? Hmmm?)

I had actually asked my parents to bring some syrup when they came over to see the baby. With all the new suitcase limitations, they had to decide whether to bring syrup or baby clothes... they opted for the baby clothes. I guess it would be more "American" to eat syrup with pancakes, but since I have never been a big pancake fan, we ate it with "French Toast". The American syrup is too sweet for my husband so he always eats his with sugar beet syrup (reminds me of molasses)... kind of a Northern German thing.

Did you know that "French Toast" used to be called "German Toast"? Mmmm, Lecker!


  1. I am glad your husband was able to find you syrup. The German equivalant just doesn't taste the same. What a doll! I am sure you gave him a big kiss. We bring syrup over every year for my in-laws who have developed a love for it on their pancakes.

  2. And didn't they try calling French frees Freedom fries at one time? Perhaps a French kiss could be called a Freedom kiss?

  3. If they have DM (Drogerie Markt) in your area, they sell real Canadian maple syrup. Actually, any place with a decent selection of the AlNatura line of products should have it as well.

    Our DM has both grade A and grade C, which is nice. It's also really affordable and tastes just like the stuff my uncle made up in Canada when I was a kid! =) There's hope in Germany! (oh but Campbell's tomato soup...i'm soooo jealous!!)

  4. Hey you! I am so sorry I have been out of touch but I have a good excuse since I have not had a day off since before your little one was born. grrrrrr. In any way right now i just read this and wanted to tell you that in Eidelstedt at Realkauf the maple syrup is pretty cheap -- if I remember when i was there it was under 3 euro for a 250 ml bottle - not bad. Give it a try if you pass by there.

    Wasn't french toast called Arme Ritter?



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