Monday, May 10, 2010

Light It Up!

So I guess I really have been busy over the past several weeks, even having time for few projects here and there, but somehow not quite enough time to put it all together to share. It's been really fun for me to add a little "personality" to the baby's room and I thought I would pass along a lighting project using some of the super cute coordinating fabric. I simply bought a standard lamp and lampshade at Ikea and decided to go to work...

1. Starting at the back seam of the lampshade, trace onto paper (I taped several pieces of typing paper together) the top and bottom edges of the shade, rolling it as you go.

2. Once you have traced around the lamp shade, cut it out and use it as a pattern to cut your fabric. I added an inch or two extra (a few centimeters) at one end as allowance.

3. Spray the lampshade with an adhesive glue. Make sure that glue is suitable to use with fabrics.

4. Starting at the seam, line the fabric up and gradually lay it on the shade, smoothing out as you go to make sure there are no creases or bubbles. Roll the shade and continue with smoothing the rest of the fabric over it.

5. Trim any excess fabric and reapply adhesive glue to the seam if necessary. Also trim any excess fabric on the top and bottom.

6. Pick a contrasting or plain trim, as desired, and spray it with the adhesive glue. Once sprayed, lay the trim just slightly above the edge of the top and bottom of the lampshade for a finished look.

7. Then... Light it up!


  1. oh, that's precious! and easy! this is a great tute for lampshades. I feel like I've only seen ones where you take off the existing fabric and replace it completely - this looks much more do-able. Did you just use a plain, solid fabric for the trim, or is it bias tape? curious...

  2. Juliette, I simply used a thin bias tape. The edges are already finished, so I didn't have to do anything extra to it.

  3. Thanks for answering my question! I'll be passing this on to my sister for my niece's bedroom... =)

  4. If I have another child, I am seriously going to fly you over from Germany to help me decorate. The room is smashing!

  5. great tutorial.
    i love this way of refreshing boring lamp shades.

    i've set a link. i hope you'll agree.

    thanks, doro.

  6. This is so lovely! Nice Idea, thank you for showing.
    Regards from Germany


  7. that is great.

    thank you.

    greatings send you Conny


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