Monday, May 24, 2010

Soul Blossoms

I never thought the words would come out of my mouth that Fall just can't get here fast enough (especially since summer has just begun)...

For some girls they can never have enough shoes, others it is purses, but for me it is fabric! This past weekend was the 2010 Spring International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota... drool! I've have been waiting patiently for all the updates on new fabric releases, and as expected Amy Butler delivers again. Her new Soul Blossoms collection is a bright and unusual mix of colors with strong designs... and I have them on order!!!

Soul Blossoms comes in two colorways, Joy...
... and a taste from the Passion color line... It might be safe to say that September is now my favorite month! Be sure to check it out here in Fall.


  1. Gorgeous I can't wait to see what you make with them.

  2. I agree this is amazing fabric. I really like the blue. I am going to look into getting some of this fabric. I can see a really cute a-line skirt in the works. Not made by me, but I have a really talented mom.


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