Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Extra Hour?!?

What would you do if there were 25 hours in the day... to have one extra hour each day?!? Would you still run short on time and wish for 26? What do you think you could get accomplished that you can't seem to get done now? All I know is that I feel like I have been using all 24 of mine to the fullest, and yes... still running very short.

A long list of things are asking for my time these days... inventory, preparations for our upcoming show, lots of sewing, cutting and sending out orders, folding what seems like double the laundry as before, and not to mention adjusting to being a new mom (I guess baby should have been at the top of the list since he now seems to dominate the majority of those hours.)

... But I decided to sneak away for a few moments to show you what I have been working on... trying tow squeeze 25 hours into 24. Sigh, just like my pre-pregnancy jeans... it's a pretty tight fit!


  1. Cute flowers, I also love the little bags in the background :-)

  2. Hi Allison thanks for calling in :-) I love Paris .. been three times now, all in a year :-) have very good friends there now.

    You must go , you are soooo close. It doesn't matter if you cannot speak french, but it does help. I am learning slowly.. such a shame your husband was pulled out of the class.. I should of paid more attention ha ha Oh yes I can imagine how busy you are being kept... take care Anne

  3. I think since I became a mother there never feels like there is enough time. Good luck with your collection. I hope it is a huge sucess.

  4. I would definately sleep with an extra hour!!


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