Thursday, July 7, 2011

Der Arbeitsdirektor

My father-in-law has nicknamed our little guy "Der Arbeitsdirektor" (the work director) Hmmm.... it seems as if it is quite the fitting name.

It's so good to have summer back. You know, the kind of weather where kids run around all day long in just a body and sun hat, and make it look so super darn cute while doing it. Please, summer, won't you stick around for a while?


  1. I will pray that summer will stay for you. It can always be a little tricky in Germany. At least august is usually nice. I pray next summer will be nice as we will be there the whole summer.

  2. Das schöne an dem Wechselhaften Wetter ist nur, dass man abends mit kalter Luft lüften kann :o)

    Lieben Gruß,

  3. Kelleyn, will you be anywhere in Northern Germany? If so, I would love to meet up! That would really be a full house with your three boys, your new little bundle of joy, and my "bag of misquitos"!

    Anja, I do like it when the weather changes to get a break from the heat. What is really hard for me is that I grew up with air conditioning, so when the heat waves come I melt, and when they go I miss them too much. Funny thing is now when I travel home for the summer, I have to ask my parents to not make the AC as cold. Tja... was kann man sagen?


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