Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"It's a Hoot"

So I thought I would do a couple of "looking back" posts from things that I made for the show that I never got a chance to show you. Did you notice, nestled in between the bolts of fabric my little "Hu Hu" friend?

I wanted to have a few samples in the booth showing what can be done with different fabrics... such a super sweet collection from MoMo. I love to show non-traditional uses for fabric. Susanne whipped up a couple pillows from the collection (I would love to link back to her, but she hasn't started her blog yet... ; ) wink, wink, hint, hint - be sure to tell her that she should!) and I framed a few of the prints to tie it all together.

I had originally wanted to sew this owl softie, but did not like the way it looked when it was all sewn together. So I simply used it as a template, added a soft fleece for a more dimensional look, painted a couple felt flowers, added eyes, and machine embroidered text... spray glued it down and put it in a frame... super cute for a kids room, don't you think?

Did you know that even animals make different sounds in English and in German?... an English "speaking" owl would say "ho ho"... a dog "ruff, ruff", a rooster "cock-a-doodle-do", a frog "ribbit"... I know all these insignificant things because of the English/German books I read to my little guy.... just a little bit of useless info worked in there for your day.


  1. Die Eule gefällt mir sehr gut, sie schaut so lustig aus.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. the owl looks sooo cute!
    und ich find's spannend, dass tiere in unterschiedlichen sprachen unterschiedliche geräusche machen. frage mich manchmal, wie ein frosch oder ein hund auf japanisch klingen. :)

  3. Die Eule gefällt mir sehr gut!

    Die unterschiedlichen Tiesrprachen sind mir auch schon aufgefallen. Ich finde ja dass Hund und Frosch auf Englisch viel realer klingen.

    LG Anja

  4. My favorite is the rooster (der hahn) in German says... "kikeriki". In English the rooster z.B. "goes"... and in German he "makes"... both sound so funny translated the other direction.

  5. the rooster is the best auf Deutsch, nicht war? =)

    I love your booth and am only now catching up! =) Hope you're having fun!


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