Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thoughts on Collecting Dust

So, it is quite easy for one to be over-ambitious and put a million things on the "to-do" list, which Linkmost likely will never happen. (are you guilty of it too?) I guess that's what happened when I made it a goal to make a diaper bag before the little guy got here... do you remember?

Project after project distracted me from completing it, but I always had it in my head to finish it. At the time we simply opted for practicality rather than handmade. But isn't that the nice thing about pulling out old projects, dusting them off, and finishing them?!? A little late, but better than never, I decided to pull out the fabric that I had set aside then for the diaper bag and make the "Cosmo Bag" (on the cover) that is found in Amy Butler's latest book "Style Stitches"... kind of killing two birds with one stone - a diaper bag, well actually it has graduated to toy bag status, and a sample pattern for our show.

It might have taken me a little time, but it certainly is a satisfying feeling that not all projects that I start end up in the "unfinished" pile.

What do you have, other than furniture, that is collecting dust too? (come on now, I know I'm not the only one, right?)


  1. Oh, yes a lot of dusting to do, but not the furniture ;) I love cutting and when is time to sew I have another patern idea and I cut some more.... Don't wanna think about it. I promised myself I'll finnish sewing projects, before I'll start new ones, but that never happens.
    I love that Cosmo bag. Does Amy's book have good instructions?

  2. Kristina,

    I'm a bad cutter too! I have a new fabric collection that I have been dying to cut into, but I've managed to hold myself back this time.

    Yes, I think that the instructions are good. Sometimes it's best to sit down first and read the pattern all the way through when you have time before you start sewing, that way you don't miss anything. For an experienced sewer, I think the pictures tell a lot too... not to mention that the book really is beautiful.

  3. um, yes. I have a few things collecting dust...more than a few! But I'm back in the swing of things. I got your package today!!! =) I love it, you are the best! =) Big hugs! Perfect timing, too, b/c today is also when I had already planned to start working again with those same fabrics! =) I think that was a *wink* from the man upstairs.


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