Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lou LOU thi

Every year in spring and fall, I sit like a perched lion, scouring the internet for the latest news from the Spring & Fall International Quilt Markets... waiting to see who introduced what and which fabrics we will see hitting the market in the coming months. Let me just say that I have been quite excited about the latest collection from Anna Maria Horner, "LouLouThi", which means "flower" in Greek.

"LouLouThi" definitely has a different feel to it than Anna's previous collection, "Innocent Crush". There are repeats of some of the same vibrant, bold, deep, rich colors, which allow many of the fabrics to blend and coordinate quite nicely.

Dots are such a great pattern to combine with other fabrics, adding lots of interest and pulling out accent colors. At first I wasn't sure why the following fabrics were named "Hugs & Kisses" until I took a closer look... little XOXO's add a sweet subtleness that is not at first glance quite so obvious. Precious.

So for now, I will leave it at that this is now my new favorite collection... at least until the next fabric collection comes along... oh my, it's not easy being so fair-weathered.

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